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Spells associated with the Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis is associated with several types of magic based on her attributes, domains, and historical significance. Here’s a breakdown of the types of magic that would be relevant to her:

1. By Intent or Purpose:

  • Protection Spells: Isis was known as a protector of children and the downtrodden. She also protected her son Horus from his uncle Set (One of the Goddesses protection spells)
  • Love Spells: Isis’ love for her husband Osiris was profound. She traversed the lands to piece him back together after he was dismembered by Set.
  • Healing Spells: Isis was a goddess of health and healing. She healed Horus when he was stung by a scorpion.
  • Divination Spells: Being a deity of magic, she can be invoked for guidance.
  • Transformation Spells: Isis’ story embodies transformation, especially in the resurrection of Osiris.
  • Fertility Spells: She is often seen as a symbol of fertility and motherhood, having given birth to Horus.
  • Luck Spells: As a benevolent deity, invoking Isis can bring about good fortune.

2. By Element:

  • Water Spells: The annual flooding of the Nile, which Isis was associated with, brought fertility to the land.
  • Air Spells: Isis was sometimes depicted with outstretched wings, symbolizing her domain over the air.
  • Earth Spells: Her connection to fertility and the fertile lands of Egypt associates her with Earth.

3. By Technique:

  • Candle Magick: Isis can be invoked using candles, especially those colored blue or silver.
  • Sigil Magick: Symbols like the Ankh or the Tyet (Isis Knot) can be used to invoke her presence.
  • Crystal and Gem Magick: Lapis Lazuli and other stones associated with her can be used.
  • Herb and Plant Magick: Plants like the lotus, which is sacred to her, can be used in rituals.
  • Potion and Brew Spells: Potions made with sacred herbs and waters can be used to invoke her blessings.
  • Rune Magick: Ancient Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphics can be used in association with her.

4. By Time:

  • Moon Phase Spells: Given her connection to fertility and cycles, the waxing and full moon phases would be potent for rituals dedicated to her.
  • Sabbat or Esbat Spells: Specific rituals during important lunar phases or festivals associated with her.

5. By Tradition or Path:

  • Wiccan: While Wicca is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion, many Wiccans venerate Isis and incorporate her into their practices.
  • Ceremonial Magick: The rich ceremonies of ancient Egypt can be adapted for modern rituals dedicated to Isis.
  • Shamanic: Given Isis’ deep connection to nature, spirits, and the cycles of life and death, a shamanic approach to honoring her can be quite profound.

When working with Isis, it’s essential to approach her with respect and reverence, acknowledging her ancient origins and the depth of her wisdom.

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