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Spells associated with the Goddess Hathor

The followers of Hathor, given her attributes and areas of influence in ancient Egyptian mythology, would likely have practiced various types of magic that align with her domains. Based on the categories provided, here are the types of magic that would resonate with Hathor’s characteristics:

1. By Intent or Purpose:

  • Love Spells: Hathor, as a goddess of love and beauty, would have been invoked in spells related to attracting love, mending relationships, or strengthening bonds.
  • Healing Spells: Given her maternal and nurturing aspects, healing spells, especially for emotional and spiritual recovery, would be pertinent.
  • Fertility Spells: As a deity associated with childbirth and motherhood, spells for conception or fruitful endeavors would be under her purview.
  • Transformation Spells: Hathor’s connection to music and artistic expression aligns with spells for personal growth and change.
  • Prosperity and Wealth Spells: Though not her primary domain, the general benevolence and nurturing aspect of Hathor could extend to spells for financial success or material abundance.

2. By Element:

  • Water Spells: Her association with emotions would make water spells, focusing on love and psychic abilities, relevant.
  • Earth Spells: For fertility and material abundance, given her nurturing nature.

3. By Technique:

  • Candle Magick: Utilizing candles, possibly in rituals involving music or dance, would align with her aspects of light and celebration.
  • Crystal and Gem Magick: Given her association with turquoise and lapis lazuli, using these stones in spells would be fitting.
  • Herb and Plant Magick: Incorporating myrtle and sycamore fig, plants sacred to Hathor.

4. By Time:

  • Moon Phase Spells: Focusing on phases that align with love, fertility, and nurturing, such as the waxing to full moon.
  • Day of the Week Spells: Days associated with love and beauty, such as Friday (linked to Venus), would be significant.

5. By Tradition or Path:

  • Shamanic: Considering her ancient origins, a shamanic approach that respects and honors natural and divine forces would be appropriate.

In practicing these types of magic in connection with Hathor, it would be crucial to approach with an understanding of her nature as a nurturing, loving, and protective deity. The focus should always be on harmony, love, and the positive aspects of life, in keeping with Hathor’s benevolent and maternal character.

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