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Prayer for the Goddess Isis

“Great Mother Isis, Mistress of Magic, whose wings shield us and whose embrace heals, In the gentle glow of the moon, I call to thee, Queen of the Heavens, Protector of the meek and the hurt. With the sacred ankh, symbol of eternal life, and the nurturing waters of the Nile, may your blessings flow. Remembering the tale of your unwavering love for Osiris, I seek your guidance in love and loyalty. By the sycamore tree, by the hawk that soars, I offer you my devotion, my heart, and my tears. In times of darkness, be my guiding star, in moments of pain, be my healing balm. Isis, in thy wings lies the breath of life, envelop me, shield me, and guide my path. On this moonlit night, as I light the blue flame, hear my prayer, O Great Mother, and bless my name.”

May this prayer resonate with the essence of the Goddess Isis and serve as a sincere offering from the heart of all who recite it.

As you prepare to recite this prayer, understand that it is more than mere words; it is an invocation, a heartfelt call to the Great Mother Isis, the Mistress of Magic and Protector. The primary goal of this prayer is to seek the blessings, guidance, and protection of Isis, drawing upon her ancient wisdom and nurturing energy. In reciting this prayer, one aims to:

  • Connect Deeply: Strengthen your spiritual bond with Isis, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with her divine essence.
  • Seek Protection: Invoke her protective wings to shield you from negative energies, harm, and adversities.
  • Garner Healing: Channel her healing energies to mend physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds.
  • Gain Guidance: Through her tales of love, loyalty, and magic, seek guidance in personal relationships and spiritual pursuits.
  • Embrace Love: Welcome love, compassion, and nurturing energies into your life, drawing inspiration from her undying love for Osiris.
  • Enhance Rituals: Enhance your rituals, spells, and magical practices by invoking the power and wisdom of Isis.

By incorporating this prayer into your daily or ritualistic practices, you can expect to feel more aligned with the energies of Isis, experiencing her protective and loving embrace. Whether you’re a seasoned devotee or new to the path, this prayer serves as a beacon, illuminating your spiritual journey with the radiant glow of the Goddess Isis.

How did we create this prayer?

Attributes and Qualities of Isis: Isis is known as a goddess of magic, protection, healing, and motherhood. Her dedication to her husband Osiris and son Horus showcases her deep love, loyalty, and tenacity.

Symbols, Animals, Elements: The ankh (symbol of life), the tyet (known as the Knot of Isis), and her wings are among her most potent symbols. The sycamore tree, cows, and hawks are also sacred to her. Water, especially the Nile’s waters, is closely associated with her.

Historical Tales: The tale of Isis resurrecting Osiris after his betrayal and dismemberment by Set showcases her powers of healing, love, and magic.

Traditional Offerings and Rituals: Incense such as frankincense and myrrh, blue and silver candles, and fresh water offerings are often associated with her. Chanting her names and hymns from ancient texts is a common ritual.

Titles: She is often addressed as ‘Great Mother’, ‘Mistress of Magic’, ‘Queen of the Heavens’, and ‘Protector of Children’.

Emotions or Desires in Prayers: Devotees often pray to Isis seeking protection, healing, love, and guidance in magic.

Times for Praying: Moonlit nights, especially full moons, and the days of significant festivals dedicated to her, like the Feast of Isis.

Known Phrases: “Isis, in thy wings lies the breath of life”, a line that signifies her protective and life-giving nature.

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