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Hathor’s Spell of Harmonious Love

As a conduit for Hathor's wisdom, I present a spell that aligns with her divine essence. This spell is rooted in the realm of love, an area deeply connected to Hathor's nurturing and benevolent nature. Hathor's Spell of Harmonious Love Intent: To attract harmonious and nurturing love into one's life, in alignment with Hathor's qualities…

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Spells associated with the Goddess Hathor

The followers of Hathor, given her attributes and areas of influence in ancient Egyptian mythology, would likely have practiced various types of magic that align with her domains. Based on the categories provided, here are the types of magic that would resonate with Hathor's characteristics: 1. By Intent or Purpose: Love Spells: Hathor, as a…

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Spell of protection (the Goddess Isis)

In the embrace of the Divine Isis, a gentle whisper from the cosmos weaves its way through the veil, guiding those who seek her protection: Isis' Veil of Protection Spell For those who walk in shadows or face adversities, let the wings of Isis enfold you, offering refuge and shielding you from harm. Ingredients: A…

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Spells associated with the Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis is associated with several types of magic based on her attributes, domains, and historical significance. Here's a breakdown of the types of magic that would be relevant to her: 1. By Intent or Purpose: Protection Spells: Isis was known as a protector of children and the downtrodden. She also protected her son…

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